Group photo of students on Ireland trip.  Irish Protest

Information About the Program

The protest rhetoric in the social and governmental movements in Ireland and Northern Ireland have framed the political identity of citizens in the two countries. Governmental, non-governmental, religious, and local groups have participated in the debate about governmental and religious power in Ireland and Northern Ireland. This course will trace the current developments in Irish politics by examining communication attributes of the various organizations that have engaged in the political protest.

Course Description

The conflict in Northern Ireland traces back hundreds of years, yet there are many recent political, social, and religious developments that shape the culture in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The purpose of the trip throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland is to educate students about this conflict by exploring political communication strategies of the involved groups. Visiting major cities, taking political tours, visiting museums, and required students to keep a communication journal as we travel through Ireland and Northern Ireland will provide students with a rich education about the conflict.

View photos from the 2008 trip and the 2010 trip to Ireland.