Educational Opportunities

At Rocky Mountain College, students in the education program have the opportunity to learn the art of teaching, as well as the science. Teaching is a creative endeavor in which the best teachers have acquired the ability to motivate young learners by connecting new knowledge to their world.

The best teachers create learning environments that enable all learners to thrive in their classrooms. The best teachers bring written text to life for a five-year-old exploring reading for the first time. They facilitate critical thinking in a high school political science class where juniors and seniors ponder important political issues. They challenge students in a middle school orchestra to blend their instruments into one melodic voice. They ignite the flame if intellectual curiosity and help their students to become lifelong learners. And the best teachers care about their students, and they recognize the power, beauty, and value of education.

At Rocky Mountain College, students in the education department become the "best teachers" because they are taught by the best. Our program provides rich, meaningful opportunities in the field and in the classroom. Our graduates go out and teach with skills, confidence, and creativity, and they help change the world one student at a time.

If you would like to speak with an education faculty member about our program, send an email to Shelley EllisMark DamicoStevie SchmitzBarbara Vail, or Jo Swain. Thank you for your interest in Rocky Mountain College and our department.