English Education

English education students take extensive coursework in English and education curricula to prepare them for careers as middle school and/or high school English teachers. We are pleased to say that our English education program has an excellent record of placing students in teaching jobs.

Requirements for a Major in English Education

The English education major requires a minimum of 42 credits.

  • The following courses are required: 
    • ENG 252, ENG 272, ENG 273, ENG 282, ENG 283, ENG 319, ENG 331, ENG 338, ENG 359, ENG 420, ENG 452, and ENG471. 
  • One of the following courses is required: 
    • ENG 223, ENG 224, or ENG 291. 
  • Students must also take one upper-division elective. 
  • To fulfill this degree, students must complete the professional education program for secondary teaching (grades 5-12) as described in the “education” section of the course catalog.