Environmental Management
D'Jeane Peters
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“I loved reading and writing papers as an undergrad. As a junior, I discovered that Rocky Mountain College offered the chance to pursue academic research outside my coursework. I was thrilled to learn that I could get paid to do what I love.”    Read more...

Environmental Management and Policy

The environmental management and policy program (EMP) provides students with rigorous, problem-oriented training in the theories and practical skills they will need to contribute meaningfully to on-going efforts to craft a sustainable, just world.

Through interdisciplinary coursework, unique field-work, internship, and service-learning opportunities in the Yellowstone River watershed (and beyond), EMP students learn to think, speak, and write critically and pragmatically about the links between environmental science, human development, and decision-making.

Rocky Mountain College's location along the Yellowstone River and proximity to both the Beartooth Mountains and Yellowstone National Park provide EMP students with unique opportunities to explore first-hand the human-environment dynamics and development patterns that drive resource management policies.