A minimum of 50 semester hours is required, including:
EMP 102: Regional Geography of Landscape Change
EMP 302: Sustainable Development Policy and Practice
EMP 411: Science Policy and the Environment
ESC 105: Environmental Science: Sustainable Communities
ESC 321: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
EST 101: Introduction to Environmental Studies
EST 226: Energy and Society
ACC 210: Principles of Accounting
BSA 101: Introduction to Business
BSA 303: Principles of Management
ECO 205: Principles of Economics
ECO 354: Environmental Economics
PHR 304: Environmental Ethics

Choose three of the following:
ESC 209: Field Survey Techniques in Zoology
ESC 314: Range Ecology
ESC 330: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
ESC 436: Yellowstone Winter Ecology
BSA 331: Business Law
BSA 412: Business Ethics
BSA 418: Entrepreneurship I
ENG 244: Literature and the Environment
GEO 101: Fundamentals of Geology
GEO 331: Oil and Gas Geology
HST 365: American Environmental History
POL 301: International Relations
POL 313: Environmental Politics