Coming to RMC for the environmental science program was one of my best decisions. The small class sizes gave me the opportunity not only to learn about different field techniques, but actually do them. During my time at RMC I got to go out and sample fish, trap small mammals, delineate wetlands, identify birds by sight and song, use radio telemetry, make and analyze maps using ArcGIS, and even build a snow cave.Mary Schvetz

Rocky Mountain College is an awesome location to use these techniques. We took trips to Yellowstone National Park; the Beartooth, Bridger, and Pryor Mountains; and the American Prairie Reserve, and it's great having the Rim Country Land Institute and the Yellowstone River right in Billings. The faculty are great, too. Kayhan and Jennifer are both very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they teach - both in the field and in the classroom. During my time at RMC I got a very well-rounded and thorough education that really prepared me for work in the wildlife field.

Mary - 2010 RMC Graduate

The environmental science program at RMC changed me! I never used to be like this. I now find it difficult to turn away from an opportunity to catch a glimpse of a hawk soaring or find the source of an unfamiliar bird call on my way to class. I seem to hear bird songs above any other hum of noise without any conscious regard to doing so. On hikes I am more interested in the native plant species or a sudden movement in the bushes than I am in my friends' conversation.

Anna2Walking across campus I frequently find myself stopping to stare into the trees at a bird, while other students stare at me in confusion. I was not nearly as attentive to these things before I became involved with the environmental science program. The difference is that I have been able to experience first-hand the techniques of becoming a keen observer of nature. I gained this knowledge at RMC and now give deeper thought and consideration to what happens around me every day. I have acquired a multifaceted interest in understanding natural processes and seem to have no choice but to pursue this interest further, as it is now part of who I am.

Anna - 2009 RMC Graduate

I graduated from RMC in 1996 with a double major in biology and environmental science. I worked for a few years as an environmental education/naturalist before returning to school. I graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2000 with a master's of science degree in recreation and park administration. I began working for the Forest Service shortly after graduation. I started out on a trail crew and worked my way up to the trail boss, wilderness ranger, and river manager position on the Brush Creed/Hayden Ranger District, Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest out of Saratoga, Wyo. I am currently on the Tongue Ranger District, Bighorn National Forest out of Sheridan, Wyo.

I am a recreation forester, where I manage the forest trail program and am the special uses assistant of the district. I enjoy the diversity of working in a beautiful place with interesting people. Everyday is different and offers a variety of challenges. When people ask me about my education I always tell them about the well-rounded curriculum, supportive instructors, and positive learning environment I experienced at RMC. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to study there, where I was able to focus my career goals while building lifelong relationships with friends and teachers. The small, intimate classrooms and beautiful campus were also conducive to my success and positive outlook.

Sara - 1996 RMC Graduate 

As a senior in college, I have been wondering what my future may hold. I have enjoyed my time at RMC and can't thank my professors enough for all the support and strength they have given me. I almost didn't make it! During my junior year, I struggled to get through my classes and almost dropped out. Fortunately, I was enrolled in the environmental science program at RMC with a professor who cares about the issues that counted for me. Kayhan Ostovar has a hands-on approach to teaching classes and gets students out into the field as much as possible. We went out on a weekly basis and did field work that is often essential to land good internships, as well as jobs.

Christie - 2009 RMC Graduate