Equestrian Faculty

The faculty at Rocky Mountain College instruct not only by teaching, but by exposing their students to their vast experience in the horse industry, in which they are actively involved. Click on each faculty member's name below to view his or her biography and accomplishments.

Christi Brown, M.S.

Assistant Professor
Phone: 406.896.8019
Offices: Tyler Hall 101/Equestrian Center
Email: brownc@rocky.edu


Hollis Edwards, B.A.

Assistant Professor
Phone: 406.238.7263
Office: Alden Hall 210/Equestrian Center
Email: hollis.edwards@rocky.edu

Amy Neuman, M.S.

Associate Professor
Phone: 406.238.7359
Offices: Tyler Hall 308
Email: amy.neuman@rocky.edu

Scott Neuman, B.A.

Director of Equestrian Studies, Associate Professor
Phone: 406.238.7258/406.245.3602
Cell Phone: 406.671.6179
Offices: Tyler Hall 301/Equestrian Center
Email: neumans@rocky.edu