Stall CleaningWelcome Parents

The equestrian program delivers an outstanding education enabling our students to succeed in the equine industry. Its hands-on approach gives them the tools to recognize hard work as an asset and continuing education as a vital tool to maintaining relevance in our world.

From daily stall cleaning and grooming to riding and barn chores, the physical work in the program demands a daily performance that other programs lack. RMC students have responsibility for their animals, and this responsibility develops close ties within the equestrian program for both peers and faculty. Our program functions as a team in many senses of the word.

In addition to daily contact with the faculty, many equestrian students travel on the weekends with a variety of equestrian activities. Along with teaching area youth about horse judging, RMC students may also compete at local shows, on the IHSA Show Team or the Judging Team.

RMC faculty model the importance of going to work in the pursuit of your passion. As active professionals, our faculty connects RMC academics to the most current industry trends. By acquiring the equestrian work ethic in addition to technical equestrian skills, our graduates earn a living while enjoying their chosen field.

As you explore our website we hope you are finding the answers to many of your questions about our program. If more occur to you, please contact us.