Why Minor In Music?

Certainly the best reason to minor in music is because it is fun! There are many very fine musicians with loads of talent and passion, but who choose to make a career in another field. Take for example Billings' own High Plains Chamber Singers (led by Dr. Steven Hart), a group of professionals who spend their days as doctors, teachers, and community leaders and their evenings making professional quality music.

Excellent and exciting opportunities are also available to students who are not majoring in music. For example, a large number of the students who sang in Bulgaria and Vienna on the 2008 RMC choir trip were non-music majors.

If you have a desire to make a career in music, we'll take you all the way, but if you'd rather be a physician assistant, airplane pilot, or philosopher, we can handle that, too. Take a look at the other programs Rocky Mountain College has to offer, but consider complimenting whatever else you choose as a major with a minor in music.

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