Why RMC for Music?

With all of the universities, colleges, and performing arts schools out there, why Rocky Mountain College? This is a fair question that you should ask yourself, but we don't think you'll have any doubt in your mind after you consider the benefits and possibilities that RMC offers.

The first question you might ask yourself is: Do I want a small school over a large school?

We believe to our very core that you do want a small school - at least anybody who knew the real benefits of a small school would want them. Now, we've never written a national declaration of independence or anything, but we hold these truths to be self-evident: Given the choice, every student would choose to have personal attention from a professor that knew the student by his or her name, not a number; every student who pays for a college education deserves to have doctorate-level one-on-one training, not to be the guinea pig of an untrained graduate student; and everybody wants to sing with a choral community that treats each other as friends and colleagues, not cut-throat competitors.

Upholding these truths and values is so important to Rocky Mountain College that the whole structure of the College is built on this foundation. Don't expect to go unknown for more than a week at this school.

The next question you might ask yourself is: Is Montana really where I want to study music?

Why Rocky

This is a good question, but surprising as it may be, there are plenty of compelling reasons to study music in Montana. Consider this: Many places that are generally considered to be the centers of music and art are so overcrowded with musicians and artists that there is no room for personal expression. Billings, Montana has much to offer by way of theaters, operas, symphonies, orchestras, choirs (big and small), and off-Broadway productions. For some, the multiple opportunities presented each year to the College's choir members to lead church worship services; be in small, private ensembles; or sing at special events is the appropriate outlet for their talent.

Billings is the hub of commerce and entertainment for a five-state region, and as such, it has a lively and vibrant art and music culture. As we like to say, the relationship of a small, private college situated in a quickly expanding city of more than 100,000 gives us the perfect balance of big and small; Billings is big enough to have a professional opera company, yet small enough that talented students can find a place onstage alongside international singers.

Finally, you might ask: Is Rocky Mountain College the place for me?

Rocky Mountain College is a place for people, not numbers. People have dreams, passions, goals, and talents, while numbers just have checks. RMC is built on and from the students that have called it home for the past 130 years. From the majestic hand-hewn sandstone architecture of our buildings constructed by the first students on the campus to our intentionally small class sizes, Rocky Mountain College takes very seriously the responsibility of developing people's passions into their way of life. With our generous financial aid we make the cost of attending a private liberal arts college comparable to most state schools. Lots of schools have room for you, but far fewer have a distinct place for you to develop your full potential. See if Rocky Mountain College is the right fit for you - estimate your financial aid or set up a campus visit by contacting us at music@rocky.edu.

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