You may have questions about your child's future in theatre. You may have asked yourself: "What will he/she do with a degree in theatre?" or "What jobs are available?"

We understand your concerns because we've been there. A life in theatre is challenging, and there are no guarantees. However, here's what we have to offer at Rocky Mountain College: one of our primary goals is that each student will receive one-on-one training with faculty. You will find this a unique benefit of our program that larger schools are unable to address. Our dedication as theatre faculty is to challenge each individual student to reach their full potential. The process, though not always easy, will meet them where they are, strengthen specific weaknesses and prepare them for whatever future theatre endeavors they choose.

What this means is that if your son or daughter works hard, we will open doors for them. If they choose to step through those doors, we will have equipped them with the necessary skills for a future in theatre. Students from our program are currently in graduate schools all over the United States; they work professionally in regional theaters; they are college professors and high school teachers; and RMC theatre graduates work professionally on Broadway and even star on popular television programs.

We will give your child an opportunity few people get: to make a career from a passion.