SkyWest Airlines / RMC Pilot Cadet Program

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The RMC Aviation Program is pleased to announce a Pilot Cadet Program with SkyWest Airlines. The program allows students to build a close relationship with SkyWest pilots and gives them a clear path to become a SkyWest first officer after becoming flight instructors at RMC. RMC has enjoyed a strong relationship with SkyWest Airlines for many years as they are the top employer for RMC pilot graduates.


To qualify for the SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program, Rocky Mountain College flight instructors must:

  • Have completed all flight certificates and ratings, with the exception of Private Pilot, at RMC.
  • Have no criminal offenses that would preclude Canadian clearance.
  • Have had no more than two moving violations on their driving record within the past three years.
  • Have earned, or maintain, a 3.00 GPA or higher.
  • Hold a first class medical certificate at time of hire at SkyWest Airlines.
  • Hold an FCC radiotelephone operator's permit.
  • Have no more than three failed check rides.
  • Have self-disclosed all incidents.
  • Have no "at fault" aircraft accidents.
  • Have no record of enforcement action on FAA record.
  • To build time to 1,000 hours and the restricted ATP, the pilot must flight instruct at RMC or a SkyWest-approved academy.
  • The pilot must complete the RMC Jet Transition Program, which includes the following academic courses: AVS 317, 318, 325, 404, 410, 419.


Participants in the program receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed pilot interview for a first officer position with SkyWest Airlines when minimum qualifications are met. Specific areas of focus will be CRM, leadership, attitude, professionalism, organizational fit, use of automation, and phraseology.
  • Retained SkyWest date-of-hire while in the program.
  • Mentoring and close association with SkyWest pilots.
  • Potential opportunities to assist with special SkyWest projects such as job fairs and recruitment events.
  • Upon completion of the final interview, successful candidates will have the opportunity to become a first officer at SkyWest Airlines.

Important: The information on this page is based on our current agreement with SkyWest Airlines and may change. For the most current details, talk to the RMC Director of Aviation.

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