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Redbird Flight Simulator Cockpit


The College owns four different flight simulation devices. Use of these training aids improves student pilot training and helps reduce overall costs of the program. 

  • A Redbird flight training device, with motion. This brand new state-of-the art training device simulates both a Piper Archer and a Beechcraft Baron. It has 180 degrees of vision, the entire USA with all airports in the database, and dual controls for crew resource management training. (Shown in top photo to the right.)
  • A Frasca Raptor, which models a traditional "round dial" or analog aircraft, and is used for instrument training, multi-engine training, and crew resource management.
  • A Frasca Mentor, which simulates a glass cockpit aircraft displaying digital flight instruments and avionics on computer screens. We are proud that ourstudents learn both glass cockpit/digital and round dial/analog flying in simulators and our aircraft.While many graduates go straight to glass cockpit planes, others fly for companies using traditional analog technology. (Shown in bottom photo to the right.)
  • A flight management system trainer for Canadair Regional Jets. Airlines expect new hires to know how to program the flight computer and operate sophisticated glass cockpit systems.

Mentor Flight Simulator Cockpit