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Virtual Advisor

Dan Albrecht

Contact Information

Professor of Biology
B.A. St. Olaf College
M.S. University of North Dakota
Ph.D. University of New Mexico
Phone: 406.657.1103
Office: Bair Science Center 08



Dr. Albrecht has been teaching at Rocky Mountain College since 2002. He enjoys working with undergraduate research students on research projects investigating the effects of non-native plants on the ecosystems they have invaded. Most recently, he and his students have been researching the effects of non-native Russian olives on the aquatic invertebrate community at sites along the Stillwater River. His students have received funding from the Montana Academy of Sciences and the Montana Space Grant Consortium.

Courses taught

  • BIO 317: Ornithology
  • BIO 347: Animal Behavior
  • BIO 410: Conservation Biology
  • BIO 415: Ecology
  • Vertebrate Anatomy
  • Natural History of the Desert Southwest
  • Natural History of the Puget Sound