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Virtual Advisor

Rebecca Polich, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S. University of California, Davis
Ph.D. Iowa State University
Phone: 406.657.1196
Office: Bair Science Center 101-D



Dr. Polich has always been passionate about science and education. When she began her undergraduate career, her dream was to become a high school biology teacher. However, as she furthered her career in biology and began working in a Salamander Ecology and Genetics lab, she found that she was falling in love with research. Research caused her wonder and respect for the natural world around her to increase. In addition, she greatly valued the mentoring experiences she had with her undergraduate adviser and his graduate students and came to feel that they were a critical component of the education she received as an undergraduate. She found that she wanted to continue to perform research, and that as a college professor, she could merge her love of research with her love of teaching. Indeed, she realized that the two are intricately connected, each enhancing and informing the other. 

As an Assistant Professor at Rocky Mountain College, she is excited to continue to grow in her research and teaching. She strives to provide students the best learning experiences available, both within the laboratory and within the classroom.


Dr. Polich's research seeks to understand how habitat modification affects circulating hormones in freshwater reptiles. Additionally, she is interested in the potential physiological and behavioral consequences of altered hormonal states. My research aims to empower undergraduate students and help them to gain valuable experience collecting data in the field, performing laboratory analyses, and disseminating new knowledge through peer-reviewed papers and scientific research conferences.

Courses Taught

  • BIO 102: Introduction to Biology 
  • BIO 105: Current Biology
  • BIO 243: Introduction to Research II
  • BIO 324: Developmental Biology
  • IDS 243: Scientific Writing and Analysis