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300-MHz NMR Laboratory

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrophotometer Laboratory

The W.M. Keck Foundation Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrophotometer Laboratory at Rocky Mountain College functions as a learning and research center both for RMC and the tribal colleges in Montana. Our 300-MHz NMR spectrophotometer provides students from these institutions with training and experience in both liquid- and solid-state NMR techniques.

Knowledge of NMR spectroscopy is necessary for chemicals in today's job market, and no college-level chemistry program is considered complete without the introductory training of students in NMR techniques and analysis. Structural analysis using NMR spectroscopy is one of the most important analytical tools available today. NMR studies are routinely performed in many scientific disciplines besides chemistry, such as biochemistry, biology, material science, environmental science, forensic science, and physics. Beyond determining chemical structures, NMR spectroscopy is used to monitor chemical reactions, study dynamic processes, analyze the conformations of proteins and other biological molecules, characterize polymer conformation and morphology, and investigate natural organic matter in soil, water, and sediments.