Preparing Excellent Teachers

The Rocky Mountain College education department ranks as one of the premier programs in the state and region. School districts know when teachers graduate from RMC, they will be fully prepared to excel in the classroom and will often become leaders in their academic communities. For this reason, nearly 100 percent of our graduates find teaching positions immediately upon graduation.

The Rocky Mountain College teacher education program is maintained and sustained through a performance excellence model of continuous improvement, a commitment to collaboration, a professional culture of teaching and learning, and the ongoing construction of knowledge in contextually meaningful ways, thus ensuring that the department's educational practice is integrated and real for pre-service teachers.

The RMC difference begins with small classes and lots of individual attention. Classroom activities focus on enhancing teaching skills and applying cutting-edge educational philosophy in practical ways that a prospective teacher can use on the job. 

At Rocky Mountain College, students are provided multiple field experiences, including a 15-16 week student teaching experience. In addition, students must complete two to three practicum experiences with teachers at the prospective teacher's grade level and in his or her appropriate subject area. Another program strength is an emphasis on the cultural diversity of the students that RMC's new educators will encounter in their future classrooms. For detailed information about the program, please see the education department handbook

Rocky Mountain College offers the following majors and minors for education (grades K-12):

To receive a bachelor's degree in elementary, secondary or K-12 education at Rocky Mountain College, students choose among the following majors.

Education Majors

  • Elementary Education
  • K-12 - Art Education
  • K-12 - Health and Human Performance/Physical Education
  • K-12 - Music Education (Vocal andInstrumental)
  • Secondary - Biology and Science Broadfield Education-Biology
  • Secondary - English Education
  • Secondary - History and Social Studies Broadfield Education
  • Secondary - Mathematics Education
  • Secondary - Psychology Education
  • Secondary - Science Broadfield Education-Chemistry

Education Minors

Minors are available in the secondary education major fields. In addition, the following minors are available:

  • K-12 Reading
  • Secondary - Political Science (Government) Education

A Nonteaching Major in Education is available for students who want to graduate in education, but do not plan to teach. For graduate study, see Master of Educational Leadership program.