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Andrew Kirk

Contact Information

Professor of English
B.A. University of Washington 
M.A. University of Hawaii-Manoa 
Ph.D. University of California-Davis
Phone: 406.657.1187
Office: Morledge-Kimball Hall 202



After earning a bachelor's of art in philosophy from the University of Washington and a lot of traveling, Andrew Kirk turned to English for his master's at the University of Hawaii, and he focused on English literature for his doctorate, which he received from the University of California-Davis. Although Dr. Kirk focused on English Renaissance drama at UC-Davis, at RMC he teaches a range of British literature courses covering texts ranging from Beowulf, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, and Conrad to contemporary post-colonial literature, as well as teaching courses in literary theory, travel literature, war literature, and composition. Dr. Kirk's publications include The Mirror of Confusion, which analyzes the distorted reflection of French history in English Renaissance drama, and articles on "The Unfortunate Traveler" and on other topics in the literature of the Early Modern period. Primarily trained as a historicist in graduate school, Dr. Kirk just as often refers to cultural, psychoanalytic, gender, and Marxist theories in his literary analysis and teaching.

When not studying and teaching literature, Dr. Kirk spends his time backpacking in Montana's Beartooth Mountains, fly fishing on the Bighorn River, or wandering around southeast Asia – writing, hiking, photographing, diving, and sometimes teaching. He once taught writing classes at Bangkok University in Thailand, and once, an English class in a bamboo hut suspended over a lotus-filled drainage canal at Mandalay University in Myanmar before continuing his journey down the Irrawady River to the ancient ruins of Bagan.

Dr. Kirk has taught at Rocky Mountain College since 1997.

Courses Taught

  • ENG 245: Travel Literature 
  • ENG 247: War Literature
  • ENG 272: British Literature: 800 to 1800
  • ENG 273: British Literature: 1800 to Present
  • ENG 322: Renaissance Literature 
  • ENG 331: Literary Criticism
  • ENG 334: The British Novel
  • ENG 471: Studies in Shakespeare