Course offerings include a multidisciplinary approach from the context of environmental science and environmental studies, geology, biology, and chemistry.

The course list is under continuous revision. Under consideration are courses on God and nature; ethics and energy; race, gender, class, and the environment; environmental dissent; and environmental writing.

Current Courses:

ESC 105: Environmental Science - Sustainable Communities

ESC 207: Montana Wildflowers

ESC 209: Field Survey Techniques in Zoology

ESC 215: Fast Food Nation

ESC 230: Rainforest Ecology

ESC 243: Environments of Costa Rica

ESC 244: Island Biogeography in the Galapagos

ESC 247: Biogeography

ESC 251: Environmental Document Writing and Review

ESC 299: Independent Study

ESC 307: Montana Wildflowers

ESC 314: Range Ecology

ESC 316: Geochemistry

ESC 317: Bird Conservation and Research

ESC 321: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

ESC 325: Wetlands and Riparian Ecology

ESC 330: Wildlife Management and Conservation

ESC 345: Soil Science

ESC 401: Application of Geographic Information Systems

ESC 436: Yellowstone Winter Ecology

ESC 450: Internship

ESC 490: Seminar

ESC 495: Advanced Field Research Techniques

ESC 499: Independent Study