About the ARC


The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides support for students’ academic transition, engagement, integration, growth and achievement through a holistic approach.  The ARC is committed to strengthening comprehensive learning, enhancing retention and promoting student success. Through small group tutoring, and holistic advising the ARC assists students in successfully navigating the rigors of a competitive academic environment.  To this end we provide services designed to:

  • Strengthen commitment to academic pursuits;
  • Improve planning, organization, and time management skills;
  • Learn to study more efficiently and effectively;
  • Cultivate critical thinking and problem solving;
  • Acquire content knowledge and skills important to the practice of their discipline

Additionally the ARC seeks to:

  • Encourage personal responsibility for learning and academic achievement
  • Provide a welcoming, inviting environment in which students may grow academically and study
  • Provide peer tutoring employment opportunities for students so they may strengthen:
    • Leadership skills
    • Personal accountability
    • Teaching and guiding
    • Service to others