Student Feedback

Students who visited the Writing Center last year provided us with the following comments:

  • I will use [the center] for every paper that I need to do, regardless of extra credit.
  • Both of my visits have been very helpful. They helped me lay out my paper in a way that was organized and [made] sense.
  • It really helped me develop ideas about how to work through parts of my paper.
  • It always feels awkward to ask for help, but [the consultant] made it a lot more comfortable. She was very patient and asked good questions.
  • It was more helpful then [sic] expected. I was nervous it would be awkward but it wasn’t at all!
  • I’m just thankful that there is a program of peers that can help, and guide me to improve my ability.
  • It helped with my confidence in the paper.
  • [The consultant] was extremely helpful and let me solve my own problems … and helped me break my paper down sentence by sentence.
  • [The center] helped me be more prepared for future assignments.
  • The tutor was very helpful and kind. I felt comfortable talking with her.
  • Big computers.
  • Very productive.
  • I left feeling much better about my piece.
  • I really appreciated the quiet room.