Dave M. Shumway

Dave M. Shumway

Adjunct Instructor of Photography
B.S. Rocky Mountain College
Phone: 406.657.1164
Email: shumway07@rocky.edu
Portfolio: DaveShumway.com
Stock Gallery: ShumwayPhotography.com


Dave M. Shumway is an adjunct instructor of photography and also works as the Director of Communications for Volunteers of America – Northern Rockies. Raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, Ill., he moved to the west when he was 20 years old, and he “is never looking back.” Dave has two passions, one for the outdoors and one for photography. To this end, he spends much of his time in the ecosystems in and around Yellowstone National Park. This gives him a perspective on the wildlife and the ecosystem that few have. Working as photographer, Dave’s assignments include everything from commercial work and journalism, to wildlife and landscape photography. His extensive time in the field shows through in online galleries, which are loaded with images of the fragile places to which he travels. His work can be viewed at www.DaveShumway.com

Courses Taught

  • ART 247: Nature Photography
  • ART 347: Topics of Photography
  • ART 380: Photographing the Faces of Winter
  • ART 499: Travel & Night Photography
  • ART 499: Landscape Photography
  • ART 499: Multimedia Filmmaking