International Studies

Africa Center for Strategic Studies 
"The Africa Center is the pre-eminent Department of Defense institution for strategic security studies, research, and outreach in Africa. The Africa Center engages African partner states and institutions through rigorous academic and outreach programs that build strategic capacity and foster long-term, collaborative relationships."

A website where users can search and compare constitutions from around the world. Also listed under History and Political Science.

The website of the European Union.

International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs 
Provides information on indigenous peoples from around the world.

OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web 
OFFSTATS "provides access to free statistics from official sources on the web." International in scope. From the University of Auckland (New Zealand) Library. Also listed under General and Multi-Subject.

UN Audiovisual Library of International Law

US Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets 
Information from the US government about US relations with other countries.

Wilson Center Digital Archive 
"The Digital Archive is a resource where students, researchers and specialists can access once-secret documents from governments and organizations all over the world. Constructed and maintained by the Wilson Center's History and Public Policy Program, the Digital Archive contains newly declassified historical materials from archives around the world—much of it in translation and including diplomatic cables, high level correspondence, meeting minutes and more."

World Bank Open Data 
"Free and open access to data about development in countries around the globe."

World Legal Information Institute 
"Free, independent and non-profit access to worldwide law."

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