Student Ambassadors

The Rocky Mountain College Student Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for selected students who are recommended to work closely with the Admissions Office to effectively contribute to the recruitment of prospective RMC students.

As part of a highly selective group, Student Ambassadors play an important role at Rocky Mountain College. Student Ambassadors give support to RMC in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Giving campus tours to prospective students, parents, and other guests
  • Participating in telecounseling to prospective students
  • Helping with volunteer work
  • Aiding in visit and registration events
  • Attending other campus events as deemed appropriate.

Qualities of a Student Ambassador include, but are not limited to, strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with prospective students, parents, and guests of Rocky Mountain College.  

Leadership opportunities are available. Members of the Student Ambassador Program will appoint ambassador leads who will help in the coordination of telecounseling, events and visits, and volunteer work.

Besides being representatives of Rocky Mountain College, the Student Ambassador Program is a fun, close-knit team of future leaders. If selected, you will be making a commitment not only to attend and assist with college events, but to be accountable to your fellow ambassadors.

To apply to, fill out the Student Ambassador Application. For more information, call 406.657.1057 or email us.

George Beddow

George Beddow, Junior

Hometown: Billings, Montana
Major: Biology with a minor in minor in Exercise Science
Favorite Place on Campus: Dr. Charles Morledge Science Building 
Favorite Place in Billings: Running on the Rimrocks 
What do you love about RMC? While in reality Rocky is a small college, it still has a large campus feeling, but continues to allow personalized classroom settings. 
Why did you choose RMC? RMC provided me with the best opportunities academically, financially, and athletically; making it the most desirable location for my college career.  
What else are you involved in? Cross Country, Track and Field, Rocky Medical Education and Development (MED), and Rocky Bands

Tori Cybulski

Tori Cybulski, Sophomore

Hometown: Custer, Montana 
Major: Communications
Favorite Place on Campus: Fortin Education Center
Favorite Place in Billings: The Big Dipper
What do you love about RMC? How small it is and the strong sense of community among staff and students. 
Why did you choose RMC?  I was looking for a smaller school and immediately felt right at home on my visit. 
What else are you involved in? Volleyball, BPA, Peer Mentor

Nate Mackey

Nathan Mackey, Junior

Hometown: Poultney, Vermont
Major: Small Business Management 
Favorite Place on Campus: Fortin Education Center Basketball Court
Favorite Place in Billings: On top of the Rims
What do you love about RMC? The tight knit community, beautiful campus, and the professors.
Why did you choose RMC? I chose RMC because of the scholarships I was offered made it affordable and the location of the school. 

Schafer Paladichuk

Schafer Paladichuk, Junior

Hometown:  Great Falls, Montana 
Major:  Biology and Chemistry 
Favorite Place on Campus:  The new Charles Morledge Science Center
Favorite Place in Billings:  Hiking the trails up on the Rims. 
What do you love about RMC?  The friendly and welcoming atmosphere as well as going down the central walkway in fall and seeing how beautiful Rocky is. 
Why did you choose RMC? It's an education on a more personal level. Having your teachers know your name instead of being a number is what solidified my decision. 
What else are you involved in?  Golf, Campus Safety.

Karolina Pepos

Karolina Pepos, Junior

Hometown: Great Falls, Montana 
Major: Elementary Education, with a minor in Reading
Favorite Place on Campus: Prescott - The Great Hall 
Favorite Place in Billings: Burger Dive 
What do you love about RMC? I love the "family" like feel RMC provides and the fun events RMC holds. 
Why did you choose RMC? I chose RMC because I liked the small campus feel and the opportunity to build relationships with all of my professors. 
What else are you involved in? AmeriCorps, Choir, Athletic Department Work-study, and Music Department Work-study

Cassidy Shaver

Cassidy Shaver, Senior

Hometown: Billings, Montana
Major: Psychology, Small Business Management, and a minor in Accounting
Favorite Place on Campus: Bair Family Student Center
Favorite Place in Billings: Billings Motorcycle Club
What do you love about RMC? I love the campus, the tight-knit atmosphere, and the amazing professors. 
Why did you choose RMC?
I chose RMC because it is smaller and the professors get to know you and care about your success. 
What else are you involved in? Peer tutoring, LEAP peer mentoring, and Business Professionals of America

Angel Yu

Angel Yu, Junior

Hometown: Colstrip, Montana
Major: Elementary Education with K-12 Reading Minor
Favorite Place on Campus: Prescott Hall – The Great Room
Favorite Place in Billings: The Sassy Biscuit Co. – Downtown 
What do you love about RMC? I love the beautiful campus, friendly faces, and the small like “family” community atmosphere at RMC. 
Why did you choose RMC?I chose RMC because of how close I am to home, the small class size, and the opportunity to build a relationship with all of my professors.
What else are you involved in? AmeriCorps, Lifeguarding, Swim Instructor, and Track and Field Manager