Previous Alumni Award Winners

Rocky Mountain College offers three alumni awards, which are given to alumni and supporters of RMC for personal success and dedication to the College and its programs. These awards include Distinguished Alumni*, Outstanding Young Alumni, and Spirit of Candlelight. To view descriptions of these awards, please visit the alumni award nomination page.

*Note: the "Distinguished Alumni" award has gone by different names over the years but has always included the word "Distinguished" and shared selection criteria.

Name of Awardee Type of Award Date Affiliation
Rosamond D. Cochrane Distinguished 1975  
Douglas C. Feller Distinguished 1975  
James C. Garlington Distinguished 1975 Board Member
William R. MacKay Distinguished 1975  
Gary N. Meling, DDS Distinguished 1976  
Betty L. Babcock Distinguished 1976  
Warren J. Hancock Distinguished 1976  
Don M. Harriott Distinguished 1976  
Russell B. Hart Distinguished Service 1976  
Thomas Payne Distinguished 1976  
Catherine Pemberton Distinguished 1976  
Glenn E Seitz Distinguished 1976  
Charles Chapman Distinguished Achievement 1978  
Howard Harman Outstanding Service Award 1978  
Walter E. Huffman Outstanding Service Award 1978  
Ralph Tripp Distinguished Achievement 1978  
Joseph A. McElwain Distinguished 1978  
James F. Collins Distinguished 1978  
Charles P. Scheel Distinguished 1978  
Barbara Timboe Distinguished 1979 RMC Alumnus
Dr. Russel Gee Distinguished Achievement 1981  
Spencer Lauson Outstanding Service Award 1981 Student Recruitment
Harry E. Shierson Outstanding Service Award 1981 Alumnus
Dr Lois Steele Distinguished Achievement 1981  
Al Bartz Outstanding Service 1982  
Wanda Clucas Outstanding Service Award 1982  
James Earl Dalton Distinguished Achievement 1982  
Delos Kelley Distinguished Achievement 1982  
Dr. Ernest Morris Distinguished Achievement 1982 presented at 2001 Candlelight/Alumnus
Phil Sanderson Distinguished Achievement 1983 Alumni Assn Award Recipient at Candlelight; RMC '83
Margaret L. Eddy Distinguished Service 1983 At Candlelight; Alumni Assn. Award Recipient; RMC '77
Orvill Nash Distinguished 1983 Board Member; Treasurer/Board
Marvin A. Northcutt Distinguished 1983 Board Member: involved in Alumni Program
Phil Ganson Outstanding Service Award 1984 Board Member
Pat Gilfeather Distinguished Achievement 1984 Board Member
Joseph Laird Outstanding Service Award 1984 Board Member; Represented UPC
Frank Mathew Outstanding Service Award 1984 Board Member; Represented RMC
George Sanders Outstanding Service Award 1984 Board Member; Serviced on Dev. Comm.
Thomas Heafeld-Mordan Distinguished 1984 Board Member
Chester Holje Distinguished 1984 Board Member
David E. Hummel Distinguished 1984 Board Member; Represented UMC
Eugene A LaLonde Distinguished 1984 Board Member
James D Miller Distinguished 1984 Board Member
Coy C. Rowland Distinguished 1984 Board Member
Gareth "Cy" Tanner Distinguished 1984 Board Member
Tom Eaton Outstanding Service Award 1985 Board Chairman
Dr. George H. Gloege Distinguished Achievement 1985 Board Member; Represented UMC
Reese Humphreys Outstanding Service Award 1985 Board Member
Maureen Booth Distinguished 1985 Board Member
Marilyn H. Floberg Distinguished 1985 Board Member
Norman E. Hermes Distinguished 1985 Board Member; Represented Alumni
Richard A. Kjoss Distinguished 1985 Board Member
George Selover Distinguished 1985 Board Member
Robert H. Waller Distinguished 1985 Board Member
Steve Garnaas-Holmes Distinguished Achievement 1986 Board Member
Dr Frederick I. Kuhns Distinguished Achievement 1986 Board Member
Hewes D. Agnew Distinguished 1986 Board Member
John W. Bradford Distinguished 1986 Board Member; Dev. & PR Comm;Edu/Student Affairs Comm
Vincent W Carpenter Distinguished 1986 Board Member; Finance & Endow. Comm., Edu & Student Affairs Comm
F. Wayne Gustafson Distinguished 1986 Board Member; Represented UMC
Clyde N. McCarty Distinguished 1986 Board Member; Lang Mgmt. Comm.
Robert Fitzgerald Distinguished Achievement 1987 Chairman of Board and Campaign #1
Jack McGowan Distinguished Achievement 1987 Chairman of Board; Second Century Fund
Ronald J Scariano Outstanding Service Award 1987 Board Member; Edu. & Exec. Comms.
Elizabeth Cordiner Distinguished Service 1988 Board Member; Education Comm
Warren B. Jones Distinguished Service 1988 Board Member
Arthur M. Peterson Distinguished 1988 Campus Architect & Board Member
Gail A. Lair Distinguished Service 1989 Board Chairman; 79-81
Robert Holtsmith Distinguished 1989 Board Member
Dorothy Williams Distinguished 1989 Board Member
Doris M. Popper Distinguished 1990 Board Member
Shelley M. Doggett Distinguished 1990 Board Member
Catherine S. Campbell Distinguished 1990 Board Member
Barbara Sample Distinguished 1990 Board Member
G. Richard Schieffelin Distinguished 1990 NAC
Tsuyoshi Ogura Distinguished 1991 Student
Terry Tinson Saario Distinguished 1991 Board Member
John J. Harnish Distinguished 1991 Board Member
James C. Taylor Distinguished 1991  
Judith J. Wallinder Distinguished 1991 Pres/CEO IES
Rod Davidson & Pizza Hut Distinguished 1991 NAC
Montana Dakota Utilities & Frank Durant Distinguished 1991 Board Member
Rimrock Stages Distinguished 1991 Board Member
Robert L. Nance Distinguished 1991 Board Member
Duncan S. Ferguson Distinguished 1992 Football Award
Edward A. Spidel Distinguished 1992 Friends of the College
David Orser Distinguished 1992  
Mary S. Nash Distinguished 1992 Board Chairman 
Paine Weber Distinguished 1992 NAC Member
Northland Royalty Co. Distinguished 1992 Philanthropist
Norm Dean Clarke Distinguished 1992 Board Member
Dimich Family & Pepsi Distinguished 1992 Staff
Radisson Northern Hotel Distinguished 1992  
Deaconess Medical Center Distinguished 1992  
Katsuhiko Iwase Distinguished 1992  
David J. Spencer Distinguished 1993  
Marc Racicot Distinguished 1993  
Fisher Construction Distinguished 1993 Football Award
Continental Airlines Distinguished 1993  
EXXON Co. Distinguished 1993 Board Member
Sandra and David Freeman Distinguished 1993 Governor of MT
Coca-Cola Bottling Co & Bussey Bonner Distinguished 1993  
G. Benjamin Lantz, Jr Distinguished 1994  
Brooke B. Leer Distinguished 1994  
Max Baucus Distinguished 1994 Alumnus
Jean Sutherland Distinguished Service 1994  
Christine Meyers Distinguished 1995  
Conrad Burns Distinguished 1995  
Pony Duke Distinguished 1995 Senator
Roger Chapman Distinguished 1995  
Bill P. Simmons Distinguished 1995  
Diane Welhaven Distinguished 1996 Senator
Kevin Red Star Distinguished 1996 Board Member; Exec. Comm.
Jerry Dernbach Distinguished 1996 Faculty
Robert Fitzgerald Distinguished 1996 Board
G. Russell Harper Distinguished 1996  
Tim Holmes Distinguished 1996 Artist
Sherry S. Matteucci Distinguished 1997  
Dr. Roger Ireson Distinguished 1997 NAC/Alumnus
George A. Dorrance Distinguished 1997 Alumnus
William Ryan Distinguished 1997 Alumnus
Sheila M. Stearns Distinguished 1997 US Attorney
Arthure DeRosier Distinguished 1997 Div. of Higher Ed/UMC & Wheatley Lecturer
William Wassmuth Distinguished 1997 Volunteer (Therapeutic Swim Program)
Helen Hancock Distinguished 1998 Athletic Director
Tom Forseth Outstanding Service 1998 Chancellor
Jim and Linda Anderson Outstanding Service 1998 President
Ronnie Baird Honorary Distinguished Service 1998 Baccalaureate Speaker
June Butler Distinguished Service 1998 Board/Alumni
David Ferries Outstanding Achievement 1998 RMC '67
Rodney Gray Outstanding Achievement 1998 NAC Member
Clara Klindt Outstanding Serivce 1998 Advancement Staff
Helen Mathew Outstanding Service 1998 RMC '71
Rev. Catherine Barker Distinguished Service 1998 RMC '74
Lynman "Skip" M. Clayton Distinguished 1998 BPI '33
Jarrell L. Tharp Distinguished Service 1998 BPI '41
Robert L. Bunnell Distinguished 1998 RMC Alumnus
Bill Bowers Outstanding Achievement 1999 Board Member
Charlotte Corcoran Honorary Service 1999 Board Member
Daniel L. Freund Outstanding Achievement 1999 Staff; PA Director
Robert Armour Distinguished Service 1999 RMC Alumnus
William S. Bighaus Distinguished 1999 Volunteer
Dianna Linder Distinguished 1999 Alumnus
Olita (Dargan) Harris Outstanding Achievement 2000 NAC Member
Vic Miller Distinguished 2000 Billings Gazette
Keith Russell Distinguished Business 2000 Staff 
Gary Matlock Distinguished Service 2000 Community Leader
Addison Bragg Distinguished Service 2000 Friend of NAC Member
Arlo Guthrie Distinguished Service Award 2000  
Brad Nason Outstanding Service 2001 Retired Reporter(Billings Gazette)
Dr. Esther Beth Sullivan Outstanding Achievement 2001 Performer/Alumnus
John Cech Distinguished Service 2001 Dean of Community Service
Les Biller Distinguished 2001  
Vivien Spitz Distinguished 2001  
Mary Lou Bargnesi Distinguished Service 2002 NAC Member
Richard St. John Outstanding Achievment Award 2007 RMC '80
Chris Bingley  Outstanding Achievment Award 2008 RMC '96
Dr. Larry Small Distinguished Service Award 2009 RMC President 1966-75, Retired Hist.Prof.(1959-96)
Ronald R. Sovey Outstanding Achievement Award 2009 RMC ‘66
Sven Eklof Outstanding Service Award 2010 RMC '69
Dustin Smith Outstanding Achievment Award 2011 RMC '05
Robert FitzGerald Outstanding Service Award 2011 RMC '65, Retired Advancement Staff
Rodney Svee Outstanding Service Award 2012 RMC '69
Betty Nesmith Spirit of Candlelight 2017 RMC '53
Brent Freeman Spirit of Candlelight 2018 RMC '85
Julio Freitas Outstanding Young Alumni 2018 RMC '08
Pete Taylor Distinguished Alumni 2018 RMC '83
Dr. David Shenton Spirit of Candlelight 2019  
Dr. William Tantum Outstanding Young Alumni 2019 RMC '09
John Goodheart Distinguished Alumni 2019 RMC '03
Dr. Elizabeth McNamer Spirit of Candlelight 2020  
Dr. James 'Doc' McDowell Spirit of Candlelight 2020  
Michele Stewart Distinguished Alumni 2020 RMC '91
Lindsey Gray Outstanding Young Alumni 2020 RMC '10