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The Rocky Mountain College art department strives to provide transformational art experiences for our majors and minors as well as students taking a core curriculum art course. The diverse mediums, practices, and approaches students can explore both broaden challenge their artistic vision. Our art courses are taught by artists and art historians who are active professionals and experts in their fields.

Classes range from metalworking and ceramics to painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography. We use new media alongside traditional and experimental media. In studio art courses you are just as likely to be using Adobe Creative Cloud as mud, rocks, and sticks. Our art history classes cover global perspectives in art from the dawn of humanity to today’s most cutting-edge artists and challenging artistic approaches.

Professor Forsgren draws on his firsthand experience studying and working abroad to introduce students to Czech modernist, Post-war Japanese avant-garde, and contemporary Latin American art movements. Dr. Munson teaches classes related to her Ph.D. research on the spirituality of American art icons like Georgia O’Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz.

Our students are involved in the Montana art scene… We research the petroglyphs and paintings in caves around Billings as well as the region’s rich traditions of both indigenous and Western art. Students can visit and intern at exceptional institutions like the Yellowstone Art Museum and Tippet Rise Art Center. There are thriving local exhibition spaces like Kirk's Grocery, the Billings Public Library, and our own Ryniker-Morrison Gallery and Art Collection, which provide students the opportunity to show their artwork to the community.

We love getting out of the classroom to make art. Beyond our beautiful campus, complete with an art collection that includes monumental outdoor sculptures and impressionist paintings. At the edge of the plains and the mountains, Billings is a great place to gain inspiration from accessible and epic outdoor experiences in the Beartooth, Pryor, and Crazy Mountains, and Montana’s high plains. Not to mention Yellowstone National Park!

Our graduates become working artists, business owners, gallery directors, curators, and art directors. Others choose to apply their passion to helping the next generations discover art by teaching; we offer a degree in K-12 Art Education. All will be guided on their journey by faculty who are passionate about art and visual literacy. Taking every student into account we strive to provide individualized feedback and art experiences.

Rocky Mountain College offers the following Art majors and minors:

Bachelor of Arts


  • Art
  • Art Education