Alexis PritchardSenior Spotlight: Alexis Pritchard

Alexis Pritchard used to bait her cousins into running races against her – just so she could beat them.

That attitude, while perhaps not the best for kids taking up team sports, served Alexis well as she started running competitively. The Sacramento native approached running with focus and instinct. She loved to run and she loved to win.

In true Alexis fashion, she chose to transfer to RMC with the same attitude she used when approaching a race. 

“I wasn’t planning on transferring,” she said. “I visited with a friend, and I felt like it was the place for me." 

Two years later, Alexis can speak to the power of her instinct. RMC – while maybe appearing to be a random choice – is exactly where she wants to be.

“I love it here,” she said. “I feel like this was the place I was meant to live, and I’ve learned self-discipline a lot more with my running. Back home I didn’t run like I was supposed to.”

Cross country coach Alan King has helped Alexis grow as a runner and inspires her to continue with the sport after college.

“Alan’s shown me that after I graduate, I can keep running,” she said. “I do hope to become a marathoner one day.”

While there’s no doubt Alexis will be a marathoner, she has quite a few other goals to achieve after graduation.

“I’d love to join the Peace Corps and go to graduate school afterward,” she said. “I think it’d be cool to go to Mexico and work in an orphanage.”

Alexis is happy to have another year at RMC before taking on her next challenge; she’s not quite ready to leave her RMC family behind, even if they can’t be beat as easily as her cousins in a race.