JT FitzgeraldSenior Spotlight: JT Fitzgerald

Football might not always have been easy or even convenient, but for senior JT Fitzgerald, college wouldn’t have been the same without it.

“I started playing football when I was in fifth grade, and it’s the one sport that I had the most fun with,” he says. “It would’ve been hard going to school and not playing football.”

After playing strong safety at RMC for four years, this Bellingham, Wash., native has learned many lessons from his time on the field.

“I’ve learned the importance of doing your job and not worrying about others,” JT says. “You’ve got to trust your teammates.”

That trust between teammates makes the football program a family for JT.

“We all have great relationships,” he says. “I’m close with all of our coaches – everyone that’s on the staff, really. And you make bonds with guys out there on the field.”

Friendships don’t just stay on the field. JT appreciates the size of Rocky Mountain College and the student support of RMC athletics.

“It’s cool when you play games and everyone goes,” he says. “Being at RMC has a great atmosphere because everyone knows each other.”

The best things might not be easy, but they’re definitely worth the work. For JT, football made college the best.