Jillian StanekSenior Spotlight: Jillian Stanek

After an injury, most players are just thankful for the chance to play their sport again.

Senior Jillian Stanek, however, was happy to come back for her final season as middle blocker for the volleyball team and join the basketball team.

That little tear in her anterior cruciate ligament clearly didn’t hinder Jillian’s ambition.

With one year remaining to finish her elementary education major, she is considering playing for the basketball team next year as well, in addition to continuing to sing with the choir.

Future athletes take note: Jillian is an athlete who does it all and does it well.

“It’s challenging to be involved in all the things that RMC offers unless you make yourself,” she says. “But it’s not bad because everyone is very understanding that we all have a lot going on – coaches, teachers, and directors are really helpful.”

Jillian’s success, in part, also comes from lessons learned playing volleyball.

“You learn how to rely on teammates and how to help them out when they need it,” she says.

Soon, Jillian will be the one teaching the lessons, with a classroom full of young faces relying on her expertise.

“I want to travel and teach somewhere outside of Montana,” she says. “I want to experience different parts of the world and different cultures.”

Armed with ambition and drive that conquered an injury and carried her through two intercollegiate athletic programs, there’s no doubt she’ll be prepared for anything her students can cook up.