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Group Fitness and Aquatic Classes

Yogalates - A stretching, strengthening, and lengthening of the body class with a focus on core-work enhancement using basic yoga and pilates style exercises incorporating physio-balls, exer-tubes and other supportive equipment.

Better Body Workout - A head-to-toe mat workout for all ages.

Tone & Stretch - A muscle toning, strengthening and stretching capabilities class using your own body resistance.

Therapeutic Swim - A water exercise class specifically designed for individuals to gain strength and mobility who have limitations due to arthritis, surgeries and other medical circumstances.

Core and More - A sequence of overall body exercises focusing on building enhanced core strength with the use of dumbbells, physio-balls, exer-tubes and other resistance equipment.

Step Aerobics - An energetic and fun high aerobic class that strengthens the heart muscle with use of elevated platforms to step up and down from. Added upper body strengthening with weights and core exercises round out this enjoyable workout for all ages and all fitness levels.

Water Wellness - An aerobic muscle toning class using body movement using water resistance. Participants will be in up to chest deep water for the duration of this class.

Water Aerobics - An aerobic water exercise class with use of a flotation belt designed to strengthen and tone all muscle groups.