History & Statistics

XC 1969In the fall of 2007, Rocky Mountain College restarted the cross-country program under the tutelage of Coach Alan King. Several times throughout the school's history, cross-country has had a presence on the campus, with the earliest team on record in the 1960s under the guidance of Coach Stiffler. The program lasted through the 70s before being disbanded for a brief period of time; in the early 80's the program was born again, only to see it quickly fade. Now in the program's third go-around, the team has risen to include both men and women with a roster of nearly 40 athletes. Since 2007, Coach King has coached one conference champion, five all-conference runners, and four NAIA national qualifiers in cross-country.

In 2010, Rocky Mountain College reinstated distance track. In its first season since the 1980s, Coach King has had two national qualifiers in indoor track and two national qualifiers in outdoor track. The program shows no signs of slowing down as they head into their fourth season of competition in cross-country and second season of distance track. 

Top Ten Athletes








Noah Kiprono 24:39 Billings Open/Billings, MT 10/12/2013
Kyle Olson 24:56 Inland Empire/Lewiston, ID 10/19/2013
Cesar Mireles 25:18 Billings Open/Billings, MT 10/15/2011
Robby Baker 25:21 Billings Open/Billings, MT 10/16/2010
Shawn Peden 25:23 Inland Empire/Lewiston, ID 10/19/2013
Fred Petsch 25:29 Inland Empire/Lewiston, ID 10/19/2013
Cory Berry 26:12 Inland Empire/Lewiston, ID 10/19/2013
Drew Keller 26:13 Billings Open/Billings, MT 10/15/2011
Ryan Rojeski 26:30 Erik Anderson/Spokane, WA 09/24/2011
Beau Mulvaney 26:31 Inland Empire/Lewiston, ID 10/19/2013