Training in Billings, MT

Because Rocky Mountain College is located in the largest city in Montana, we have the unique benefit of having a wide variety of places to run. In any given week, you could find the team on bike paths, in parks, on the roads, or trails around Billings. You will find that you could run a different rout every day of the year. Below you will find descriptions and maps of some of the athlete's favorite places to run.

We would love for you to come on a run with us when you come visit campus. Practice starts at 3:15 p.m. every weekday at the Fortin Education Center. 

  • Airport to Zimmerman - A run that starts from campus and takes you on a scenic run on the trails located on the "rims" overlooking the city.
  • Black Otter Loop - This is a run that starts from campus and takes you on a bike path on the "rims" overlooking the city.
  • Heights Loop - This is an extension of the Black Otter Loop that takes you through the area of town known as "the heights." This run consists of bike paths and roads.
  • Metra Loop - Starting from campus, you will run on roads, trails, and bike paths throughout the city.
  • McKinley Loop - A shorter run that takes you through the neighborhood around campus.
  • Phipps Park Trails - This is a destination run. We meet at Phipps to run on trails throughout the park. If you ask we can even show you some trails that most people don't know about. How do I get there?
  • River Front Park Trails - A destination run in which you can spend hours running on trails and bike paths. There are even opportunities for you to run through mud and muck! How do I get there?
  • Temple Trails - You can either start from campus and hit the trails or make it a destination run so that you can spend more time on the trails. How do I get there?
  • Two Moon Park - This is another run that you can start from campus or make a destination run. We love running through the "tree tunnel" but watch out for "THE HILL!" How do I get there?
  • Zimmerman Park Trails - A destination trail run that we use when the weather permits. Once again we know of some trails that most don't. How do I get there?