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Business and Accounting

We educate leaders.

If you envision yourself in the corporate world, as an entrepreneur, or as a leader in a non-profit organization, RMC prepares you to realize your dream.

Our business program is different from others because it has a liberal arts foundation. This assures that every student not only masters the area of their business concentration, but also becomes skilled in leadership, communication, and reasoning. Graduates leave RMC equipped with the tools that enable them to be effective problem solvers, ready to face the challenges of an ever-changing business environment.

Business management graduates enjoy a placement rate of nearly 100 percent. Students who elect not to take positions following graduation successfully pursue advanced degrees such as a master's of business administration, master's of accountancy, or law degree. Interested? Find out more with a campus visit or apply today.


  • Multiple concentrations allow for flexibility in choosing a career path.
  • Fast track to a Master's degree with a 3:2 program in Accountancy
  • Local contacts that provide opportunities for internships and post-graduation employment in Montana's most vibrant business community
  • High placement rate with regional, national, and international employers

Supporting student growth

"Being a Business/Accounting major at RMC is amazing. The mentoring and close working relationships with the professors really goes a long way. You get more than just one-on-one. It's more like one-on-ten because you have peers that you grow with in the program until graduation. So, there are always many hands to help you out. It's a whole different vibe and it's great."
Bilechi Sumaili

Effective Internships

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