Rotary Grant

On March 27, 2017, Rocky Mountain College was awarded a $400 grant from the Downtown Billings Rotary Club Special Projects Committee to fund a new initiative that was started in collaboration between RMC and its Partner in Education - Rose Park Elementary School. This grant was used to create 50 health kits that will be immediately distributed to homeless children (or children in need) who attend Rose Park Elementary School.

The Rocky Mountain College Office of Community Engagement would like to thank the Downtown Billings Rotary Club for this grant to assist with the launching of a new health kit program that will serve Rose Park Elementary, Rocky’s Partner in Education school.

The children in our community are one of our most valuable and precious assets. It is part of a community effort to help them to be healthy, safe, and educated. This project would fulfill all three of these categories – filling a community need (homeless children or those at-risk youth who may not have access to basic healthcare items), alleviating a community problem (using these health kits to educate children on hygiene and nutrition), and providing a continuing community service (this program would have the potential of not only providing for those children at Rose Park, but could be used in other schools and programs within our community on an ongoing basis).

Not only will this program help fill a community need, but will also provide service opportunities for our RMC students, who volunteer to help put these health kits together. This helps demonstrate to our students an understanding of service opportunities in the community (and even at the national and international level), and also helps teach them the value of participating in social and educational interactions. At RMC, we also want students to see how community service informs their chosen career and academic experiences, while developing an understanding of being an engaged civically-minded citizen.

Part of RMC’s commitment to this program is also to help our own students to prepare for working in the classroom and help them identify real socioeconomic issues – hunger and homelessness – and educating them on how helping to solve these issues can contribute to success in the classroom and inspire youth to pursue higher education.

Thank you again, Downtown Billings Rotary Club, for this grant, on behalf of Rocky Mountain College and the Rose Park Elementary School students and families who benefit from this program.