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Current Students - Residence Life FAQ

How long do I have to live on campus?

Rocky Mountain College requires that all students live on campus during their freshman and sophomore academic years. Students must have successfully completed 60 credits at the start of the semester to be considered junior class standing. 

Can I apply to move off campus before my freshman and sophomore years are completed?

Prior to the start of fall semester, students who meet specific criteria may request to move off campus prior to their junior year. For a full list of criteria or to submit a request to live off campus for one of these criteria, complete the Off-Campus Housing Exemption Request Form.

How long do I have to change my meal plan?

All students can adjust their meal plans in any way until the 5th day of class each semester. Students may increase their meal plans at any time in the semester. To make a change to an existing meal plan or to sign up for a new meal plan, please fill out the online Meal Plan Registration and Change Request Form

Do I have to have a meal plan?

All students living in Widenhouse Hall or Anderson Hall are required to have either a Carte Blanche meal plan or a 10-meal plan. Students living in Rimview Hall, Jorgenson Hall, and off campus are welcome to have a meal plan; however, it is not required. See more information regarding food services.

Can I stay in the halls over breaks?

For breaks during the semester such as fall or spring break, you are welcome to stay. The residence halls are closed for winter and summer breaks; however, students may apply to stay on-campus during those breaks for a fee. For the exact dates the halls will be open, please consult the Residence Life Calendar. Please note that the dining hall may have reduced hours or be closed during academic breaks.

To be considered to live on-campus during the winter break, residents must submit the Winter Break On-Campus Housing Request Form by the first day of finals week fall semester at 5:00 p.m.

To be considered to live on-campus during the summer break, residents must submit online the Summer Break On-Campus Housing Request Form by the first day of finals week spring semester at 5:00 p.m.

How do I get a job working for Residence Life?

All students who live on-campus are invited to apply for one of our many student staff positions.  For a list of all Residence Life student staff jobs and application information please see the Residence Life Join Our Team page.

How do I change to a different room or building?

Depending upon the situation and room availability, you may request a room change with your Area Coordinator. If your room change request is the result of a roommate issue, the first thing to do is talk to your Resident Advisor (RA). Let them know what is going on between you and your roommate. They will meet with you and your roommate and use your roommate agreement to work to mediate the problem. If the RA’s intervention does not seem to help, the Area Coordinator will schedule a meeting with all members of the room and determine how to proceed based on the information provided to them. We do ask that all students stay with their roommate for at least two weeks after a mediation to allow time for the new boundaries to be exercised.