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The Geography program at RMC integrates (1) a human geography perspective rooted in historical political ecology, economic geography, and development geography; (2) geological and environmental science perspectives on landforms, climate, water, soils, vegetation, and ecosystems; and (3) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training and practice in a way that fosters student engagement with the multifaceted character of development, conservation, and planning problems.

Through interdisciplinary courses, unique field-work, service-learning, and internship opportunities in the Yellowstone River watershed (and beyond), students learn to use appropriate theoretical frameworks, research techniques and technology -- including spatial statistics, cartography, GIS and GPS, and Remote Sensing -- to extract, analyze, and communicate information about socio-environmental topics from a spatial perspective.

Rocky Mountain College offers the following major in Geography:

  • Bachelor of Science in Geography (effective Fall 2019)