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Leadership, Engagement and Achievement Program (LEAP)

The Rocky Mountain College Leadership, Engagement, and Achievement Program (LEAP) supports student development and growth by providing meaningful advocacy, intervention and counsel, as well as, social and academic support programming. Through peer leadership and a commitment to the community standards philosophy, LEAP strives to empower students to reach their highest personal and academic potential.

LEAP supports students by:

  • Working with faculty, staff, and administrators to provide services and resources that enhance and support student learning, instruction, and persistence;
  • Providing students with targeted programming opportunities that address and support the cognitive and social dimensions of learning and growth; 
  • Identifying, developing and empowering student leaders that will contribute to a college community that fosters personal responsibility and accountability for one’s own learning and experience; 
  • Utilizing institutional research and data to continually assess and identify populations of students or individual students that may be at risk of attrition or in need of support services.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program serves first-year RMC students through one-on-one peer guidance that addresses academic issues and concerns as well as personal growth and challenges. Peer Mentors meet weekly with each of their students to assess goals and track student progress.

The mentoring lab in the lower level of Eaton Hall provides students enrolled in the program with an academic and fun environment of fellowship and support as they navigate through their first year at RMC. For more information regarding this program, please contact Steven Peterman at 406.657.1099 or

Rocky Connections Peer Mentor Program

The Rocky Connections peer mentoring program is committed to enhancing student development by encouraging growth in the areas of academic achievement, effective communication and problem solving, community responsibility and involvement, and personal and educational goals. Furthermore, the peer mentoring program is dedicated to facilitating meaningful interactions between mentors and mentees in a collaborative relationship. Through this perspective, Connections mentors will play a pivotal role in aiding students as they successfully contribute to the RMC community as well as enrich their higher education learning experience.