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Master of Educational Leadership

Welcome to the Master of Educational Leadership Program at Rocky Mountain College.

This accelerated program begins with a five-day residential seminar in August and ends with a five-day residential seminar the following June. Candidates will complete an intensive internship each of the two semesters in the program. Candidates will be full-time students taking classes in the evening in Billings or via VisionNet. All classes will have online components. Federal financial aid is available for the program if students are eligible. The program is 34 credits in length and has a minimal residency requirement. Based on the research of Effective Schools, this cohort-based program meets all of the state and national standards. Blending theory and practice through coursework and intensive internship, candidates will be prepared to be instructional leaders in the K-12 setting. Faculty members are experts in their field and will share relevant educational leadership experience with the cohort.

Please complete the following to be considered for admission:

  1. Complete the application;
  2. Submit a current resume and goals statement;
  3. Submit an official transcript from the institution granting your most recent degree;
  4. Submit three professional reference forms; and
  5. Submit a photocopy of your current teaching certificate, if applicable.

Acceptance into the program for either certification or master's degree will also include a successful interview for admission.

Dr. Stevie Schmitz
Director of Master of Educational Leadership