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Aviation program signs bridge agreement with Skywest to formalize career path

BILLINGS, April 1, 2014 – This week Rocky Mountain College formalized a “bridge program” agreement with SkyWest Airlines that smooths the path to employment with the airline for highly qualified RMC student flight instructors. The bridge program offers these RMC students benefits including mentorship from current SkyWest pilots and a guaranteed pilot interview once they have met certain requirements. 

“SkyWest Airlines has been the #1 employer of our aviation program grads,” said Rocky Mountain College Director of Aviation Dan Hargrove. “We send them two or three airline pilots a year, and it’s a good steady flow.” 

“Our grads are employable a lot of places,” said Hargrove, “but SkyWest is a good employer and a great first career. SkyWest pilots, our alums, come back to enjoy our aviation awards banquet every year. This program confirms the company’s interest.”