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Mash completes private pilot certificate in RMC aviation program

BILLINGS, April 27, 2015 – Edward Mash has completed his FAA private pilot certificate at Rocky Mountain College. Edward is the son of Jason and Christiane Mash and is a freshman majoring in aeronautical science at Rocky Mountain College.

The Aeronautical Science program includes a four-year baccalaureate degree that prepares graduates for careers as professional pilots. Edward plans to complete his Instrument Rating this year, which will include training in glass cockpit aircraft, as another milestone towards his goal of flying for a regional airline in the Western U.S. Edward graduated from Spring Valley High School in 2014.

Approximately 100 students are enrolled in the aviation program at Rocky Mountain College, making it one of the largest academic programs at the College. Founded in 1878, RMC is Montana’s oldest institution of higher education. The College prides itself on its unique tradition of educating leaders and professionals through academic excellence, transformational learning, and shared responsibility and stewardship.

A private, liberal arts-rooted college offering more than 50 major concentrations, RMC has a diverse population of approximately 1,000 students who represent 48 states and 22 countries.

RMC also offers distinctive undergraduate programs in aviation and equestrian studies along with graduate programs in accountancy, physician assistant studies, and educational leadership.

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