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Photo credit: Paul Bellinger. Photo of the RMC Enactus Team (left to right): Kenny Roberts, Tymber States, Parker Rood, Karen Wray, Suzanne Davis, Zach Pietrocarlo, Tessa Fraser, Xander Heyneman, and Shadya Jarecke 

enactusRocky's  Enactus team heads to nationals as finalists for two projects

BILLINGS, April 7, 2015 – For the first time in the 16-year history of the RMC Enactus team, they will be heading into the national competition as finalists in a project partnership and a topic competition.

The nine members of the RMC Enactus team leave on April 11, 2015, to present their global impact presentation during the National Enactus Competition in St. Louis, Mo. They will be competing with 183 other Enactus teams from throughout the United States – many of which have more than 10 times as many members.

On April 14, RMC’s Enactus team will find out if they are a grand-prize winner for these projects, and whether they will receive a spot as a top team again. Last year, RMC’s Enactus team finished in the top 20 of the 200+ teams who made it to the competition. 

“This year's team has a big hurdle to outdo the previous team's results,” said Dr. Karen Beiser, the advisor for the Enactus team and also RMC’s Associate Professor of Business. “They already appear to be heading back to the stage – the one where they earn big rewards and big trophies!” 

“The Rocky Mountain College Enactus team has turned into a small powerhouse, and one of those that is tough to beat! I could not be more proud of what they've accomplished with their projects this year,” Dr. Beiser added. 

For this year’s competition, RMC’s Enactus team is a finalist for the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Partnership. After submitting a final impact report last month for their Workforce Women development program, the RMC Enactus team has been chosen as one of the six finalists out of the 73 teams across the U.S.

RMC’s Enactus team is also one of the top teams in the 2014-2015 Care Enables Progress Topic Competition, which is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies. This topic competition was open to all of the Enactus teams in the United States, and RMC’s Enactus team was chosen as one of the eight finalists for their Workforce Women project.

The RMC Enactus team started Workforce Women in 2013, with the goal to empower women with the “skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to gain meaningful and lasting employment,” explained Enactus President Zach Pietrocarlo. The team partnered with Passages, a pre-release center that serves Montana Women’s Prison to help women break the cycle of criminal activity and incarceration.

Workforce Women is a two-day workshop created to give more individualized and focused attention to improving self-esteem and knowledge on how to obtain a job. With two successful years of running Workforce Women, RMC’s Enactus team is now working to broaden the scope of the project and create a comprehensive kit so that other Enactus teams, as well as facilities, can recreate the workshop.

The student-led RMC Enactus team is just one of 533 schools in the U.S. that work with the Enactus international organization. Enactus teams are making some powerful changes in the business community by creating, developing, and implementing projects that empower people in the community. 

Dr. Beiser explained how the Enactus program offers students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, connect with business professionals, and build experience in project management, while also providing a way for students to make an impact in the local community. 

Currently, the RMC Enactus team has five projects under their belt. These include Pamba Toto, which helps assist a woman in Missoula develop her business so that she can help orphans in Sanctuary of Hope homes in Nairobi, Kenya; Workforce Women, which helps women in Billings become financially self-sufficient; Rock Slam, in which 197 RMC participants were equipped with the resources to make sound economic financial decisions; Suit Up!, which has allowed students professional clothing that they could not otherwise afford; and Broken Glass to Working Class, which was started this year in collaboration with the HUB in Billings to repurpose glass waste from local bars/restaurants into housewares (drinking glasses, vases, planters, etc.)

“I am constantly amazed at how much the RMC Enactus team grows and matures," said Dr. Beiser. "This is my eighth year as the advisor, and every year they just get better!” 

Not only is Dr. Beiser proud of the RMC Enactus team, she also appreciates the efforts that the students put into changing their community. “These students have a chance to come up with innovative ways to help others who lack the resources and then turn it into something successful and sustainable that can change a community.” 

“A special shout-out goes to this year’s team leader, Zach Pietrocarlo, who is working full time at his internship as well as taking classes,” said Dr. Beiser. “Even though he is one busy young man, he still manages to motivate the team to do more. Making it to the final round for these two competitions couldn't have happened without his contributions.”

This year’s Enactus team includes:

  • Zach Pietrocarlo, President - Conifer, Colo.
  • Suzanne Davis, Vice President - Bettendorf, Iowa
  • Shadya Jarecke - Joliet, Mont.
  • Parker Rood - Plymouth, Minn.
  • Xander Heyneman - Absarokee, Mont.
  • Tymber States - Wahoo, Neb.
  • Kenny Roberts - Florence, Colo.
  • Karen Wray - Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
  • Tessa Fraser - Missoula, Mont.