Office of the Ombud

Art Lusse

The Office of the Ombud is an independent, neutral, and confidential place for students, staff, and faculty to discuss their academic and workplace issues and concerns.

The office is informal, assures confidentiality, and is independent of the College administration.

The Ombud is a confidential service open to all students, staff, and faculty at RMC.

The Ombud works to ensure that all members of the Rocky Community receive fair and equitable treatment in matters of concern or complaint.

The Ombud facilitates communication and assists parties in reaching their own mutually acceptable agreements when conflicts arise.

The Ombud promotes fairness, justice, respect for differences, and reasonable solutions. 

Acting as a neutral and committed to confidentiality, the Ombud may gather information on complaints, clarify issues, expedite processes or, when appropriate, initiate mediation.

The response of the Office is tailored to the dynamics of the situation and the informed consent of the visitor. The Ombud is respectfully impartial with all parties to a conflict. The Office operates within RMC policy and reports only to the Provost for administrative not substantive purposes.

The Ombud may make recommendations for review and/or systemic change when policies or procedures of RMC generate trends or patterns in conflicts and concerns.  

The Office of the Ombudsperson is firmly committed to maintaining the confidentiality of those who use our services. We keep no official records of client names, affiliations, or grievances. The discussions, issues, concerns, or problems you present to the Ombud remain in strict confidence. If you wish for a problem or complaint to go "on the record," the Ombud will refer you to the appropriate office or person. This confidentiality cannot be "waived" by users of the office because the privilege of confidentiality resides within the Ombud.

The Office of the Ombud, can offer assistance when you are looking to: 

  • Clarify RMC policies and procedures
  • Navigate your way through the bureaucracy
  • Explore informal resolution of a conflict
  • Serves as a mediator or facilitator        
  • Get assistance with a difficult conversation with a colleague, co-worker, supervisor, or someone you supervise or teach
  • Get assistance with someone you are finding difficult
  • Think through an ethical or misconduct issue that you would like to address
  • Think through any issue arising from your life at Rocky
  • Find the appropriate person, department, or office within the College to respond to your question
  • Promote equality, inclusion, and access for all persons
  • Identify and report about campus trends and problem areas
  • Make recommendations regarding changes in policy and procedures
  • Educate the RMC community about conflict resolution

Frequent Concerns for Staff 

  • Professional development
  • Job security
  • Communications with supervisor
  • Work environment
  • Difficulties with colleagues
  • Management changes
  • Retirement

Setting Up a Meeting

A face-to-face visit is often most effective and the Office (Alden 201) offers a confidential place in which to meet. The Ombud is happy to schedule a meeting with you at a time that works best with your schedule, anytime at any place.

To arrange a meeting, please contact the office via email:

With this website as your guide to the types of issues the Office of the Ombud can assist with, we encourage you to consider this resource when seeking a fair process to reach a just resolution. The Ombud's Office is not authorized to accept notice of claims against the university. Further, as a confidential campus resource, the Ombud's Office is neither a “responsible employee” in relation to sexual harassment/misconduct, nor authorized to serve as a “campus security authority” for purposes of reporting crimes on campus.