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Develop your sociological imagination.

Sociology is the study of social phenomena, from social movements to social change. Sociology seeks to relate our individual biographies to the larger social contexts in which we live, connecting individuals, groups and social institutions. Sociologists study diverse topics such as culture, gender and sexuality, health, inequality, subcultures, demographic trends, and more.

At RMC, sociology pairs a traditional core of theory and methods with an array of electives—from criminology to the sociology of public health and sport—preparing students for work in a variety of fields. Students develop into strong researchers and writers, skills essential to the academic and professional workplaces.


  • Opportunities for research and internships
  • Support for writing an honors thesis (examples: 1, 2, 3), a great preparation for graduate school
  • Great pairing for a double major or minor in related fields, such as psychology, biology, business, and political science, preparing students for a vast array of careers
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable faculty providing mentorship and guidance

Making connections

"This sociology program gave me so much more than a degree; it gave me a passion for the field and a drive to use my knowledge to help others. The discussions, experiences, and life-long relationships I formed with professors and colleagues helped me prepare for and feel confident when entering graduate school. I know I will be successful in this field because of the foundation this sociology program gave me.”
Terran Brown

Research and Collaborations

All students in sociology must complete research projects in the capstone classes, but some have taken their research further, completing honors theses (a few examples: 1, 2, 3) or collaborating with faculty on research in the local community.

Internships provide students with the opportunity to put sociological concepts into practice, applying what they have learned in the classroom to a social setting. Sociology students interned at the Rimrock Foundation, Riverstone Health, Planned Parenthood, and local churches as youth group directors.

What our sociology graduates are doing now

  • Law school
  • United States probation office
  • Nursing school
  • RMC’s Physician Assistant program
  • Social work
  • Child protective services
  • Graduate school


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