Freshman Year

Explore majors and careers 

  • Log in and check out the many resources available through the MCIS system! This handout will provide the initial login information and directions on where to find helpful assessments and profiles. At any point, email  Career Services or call 406.657.1039 to discuss the results or get help on understanding the next step in the career exploration process.
  • Meet with the Career Services Office.
  • Explore your interests, skills, and abilities through academic courses.
  • Identify skills employers want and develop a plan to acquire these skills.
  • Join organizations on- and off-campus.
  • Utilize resources at the Career Services Office.
  • Seek advice from faculty, advisers, and career counselors regarding potential majors/careers.
  • Work part-time or volunteer in your major or an area of interest.

Sophomore Year

Explore opportunities to gain career experience

  • Select a major and/or minor.
  • Conduct informational interviews to find out more about potential careers.
  • Acquire work experience in a chosen field.
  • Talk with (and job shadow) juniors, seniors, alumni.
  • Attend career events and workshops on campus and in the community.
  • Update your résumé - be sure to include any summer work experience.
  • Begin researching internship or co-op ed opportunities.

Junior Year

Evaluate decisions and recommit to goals

  • Identify internship or co-op ed opportunities.
  • Meet with Career Services to update your résumé.
  • Work on interview skills by attending workshops and participating in mock interviews.
  • Network with alumni and professionals.
  • Attend career events and workshops.
  • Research career options on the Internet and by utilizing resources available through the Career Services Office.
  • Research companies that appeal to you.
  • Consider options after graduation: career or grad school?

Senior Year

Prepare for the transition to career

  • Fine-tune your communication and leadership skills via active involvement in student and community organizations.
  • Review and update résumé to match current skills, experience, and objective.
  • Participate in an internship.
  • Attend workshops on the job search and networking.
  • Register with RMC CareerLink to search opportunities and post your résumé.
  • Subscribe to professional publications.
  • Participate in on-campus career events.
  • Schedule interviews with employers who are recruiting on campus.
  • Research companies and job listings.
  • Establish contact list of employers and begin submitting résumés.
  • Network.
  • Check out New Grad Life for job hunting tips, professional social media information, financial advice, and much more as you look to move from college to career.