RMC Service Day Project Proposal


The Office of Community Engagement is currently accepting project proposals for our upcoming service days. Requests need to be made 60 days in advance. A decision will be made within two weeks of receiving the project proposal. A member of the Office of Community Engagement will contact you for further planning and collaboration. 

Please review the following agency expectations prior to submitting project proposals. By submitting a proposal, your agency indicates an acceptance of the terms and conditions of hosting a service project. Under this agreement, the agency will:

  • Provide an overview of the agency and how the service project will further the mission of the agency. 

  • Provide enough supplies (including site supervisors) to ensure students will be able to carry out tasks in a safe and timely manner. 

  • Notify their employees of the upcoming event to ensure project success.

  • Provide feedback to RMC about the service day experience. 

  • Provide information to RMC on how student service impacts clients and services.

  • Make a good-faith effort to provide projects that can be done by students of varying abilities. 

Please submit your project proposal via the form provided below. Thank you in advance for your interest.