Article I: Responsibilities of the Senate

Section I

All members of the Senate will be required to attend a minimum of four ASRMC productions. The categories of events are: Student Activities, Outdoor Recreation, Theatre (RMC play), Music (band, choir), Community Service, Art (exhibit), ASRMC chartered Club Activities, and Orientation. Record of attendance, per each event, will be logged by the ASRMC President.

Section II

There shall be three committees of the Senate: the Student Relations Committee, the Publications Committee, and the Education Committee.

  • A: Student Relations Committee (SRC): The Student Relations Committee shall be responsible for overseeing all student activities and events sponsored by ASRMC funds. The SRC shall serve as a communication mechanism between ASRMC members and the Senate and shall facilitate this communication. It is the responsibility of the SRC to take action appropriately in response to this communication and develop, encourage, and promote student activities and events. Funding of any SRC initiatives ultimately rests with the Senate and must be approved by the Senate.
  • B: Publications Committee: The Publications Committee shall be responsible for overseeing the production of all ASRMC sponsored publications. The Publications Committee will serve as a liaison between the Senate and any student publications.
  • C: Education Committee: The Education Committee shall serve as the liaison between the faculty and academic administration. The Education Committee will address all grievances and complaints dealing with the educational opportunities at RMC.

Section III

The Senate shall be responsible for managing all expenditures regarding the Activities account and the Publications account.

Section IV

Additional Responsibilities: Members of the Senate shall be expected to actively participate in program development, production, and evaluation.

Article II: ASRMC President

The ASRMC President will be expected to maintain regularly scheduled office hours equal to 10 hours per week. These hours will be published at the beginning of each semester. S/He will oversee all ASRMC events including: fundraising efforts, policy development and review, as well as his/her responsibilities outlined in Article III, Section II, of the ASRMC Constitution. The President will present a report to the Senate elected in the Spring Term. This report will contain a record of Senate activities for the academic year to include the budget and the current agenda of the outgoing Senate.

Article III: Vice President

The ASRMC Vice President will oversee the continual progress of the committees by meeting with the committee chairs on a regular basis, occurring no less than biweekly. The Vice President shall work with the President to keep a current record of all chartered clubs and organizations on campus. In the absence of the President, the Vice President will prepare the agenda and facilitate any ASRMC meetings.

Article IV: Financial Administrator

The Senate will retain a financial administrator. Working with the President, the Financial Administrator shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of all ASRMC finances. The Financial Administrator shall work with the ASRMC President to manage ASRMC funds and shall present an update of the Publications and Activities account balances at each meeting, in addition to a detailed report of ASRMC expenditures a minimum of once per month. The Financial Administrator will biweekly provide a current budget to the ASRMC President and post on the ASRMC bulletin board in the Student Union Building.

Article V: Secretary 

The Senate will retain a secretary. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all Senate meetings. The Secretary shall distribute copies of the minutes of each Senate meeting to all members of the Senate, the ASRMC President, and the Dean of Students. The Secretary shall also post them in the Student Union Building and appropriate student publications.

Article VI : Student Activities

The Student Activities Director, an employee of the College, shall work with the senate to develop, plan, and execute activities. The Activities Programmer will be responsible for the preparation and submission of a programming budget request each semester, to be considered by the Senate, prior to the Senate’s regular budget meeting. The Student Activities Director shall work with the residence life staff and the Student Relations Committee of the ASRMC Senate to coordinate their activities and programs. The Student Activities Director, or a representative, will present a minimum of once per month update to the Senate of all current and pending projects, activities, and budget.

Article VII: Outdoor Recreation

The Outdoor Recreation Director, an employee of the College, will be responsible for the preparation and submission of an annual budget request, to be considered by the Senate, prior to the Senate's regular budget meeting. The Outdoor Recreation Director, or a representative, will present a minimum of once per month, an update to the Senate of all the current and pending projects, activities, and budget.

Article VIII: Chartered Clubs and Organizations

Section I: Clubs and Organizations Defined.

  • A: Club defined: Any RMC student group organized for a common purpose, which meets regularly and, whose enrollment and participation is not limited by education, training, and ideology.
  • B: Organization defined: Any RMC student group affiliated with an external organization, organized for a common purpose, which meets regularly and, whose enrollment and participation may or may not be limited by education, training, and/or ideology. 

Section II: Chartering

  • A: RMC clubs and organizations must charter with ASRMC. The club must submit a charter to the ASRMC President. The President will ensure that all charters meet the appropriate requirements. The Senate must approve the charter with a simple majority. The charter must contain: a statement of structure and purpose; a current list of club officers; an assessable list of goals and objectives; and have a faculty/staff advisor. Once approved, the club or organization will be chartered for the remainder of the academic year.
  • B: Membership in clubs and organizations seeking ASRMC charter must be limited to ASRMC members exclusively. Groups with blended membership (i.e., non-RMC members) must petition the College, through the Dean of Students office, for formal recognition.
  • C: Once chartered, clubs and organizations will be allowed to advertise events/activities, hold and conduct meetings, and conduct business as stated in their charter.
  • D: Upon being chartered, a club or organization will be required to renew annually if there are no changes to the mission statement or faculty advisor. To renew, a club or organization must submit a renewal form to the ASRMC President no later than one day prior to the second senate meeting of the fall semester. The club or organization must re-charter if there are changes to the mission statement, faculty advisor, and/or the charter has exceeded the renewal date.

Section III: Funding

Access to ASRMC funds in support of club and organization activities will be made available in accordance with the ASRMC budgeting process and procedures on a case-by-case basis and is contingent upon availability. ASRMC club funds will not be provided to support events/activities which are not open to all ASRMC members.

Article IX: Meetings

Section I

The ASRMC Senate meetings shall be held, at minimum, every two weeks. The time and place shall be made public to all ASRMC members.

Section II

Attendance Policy for Senate Members of ASRMC

  • A: Absence will be considered excused when notice is received by the ASRMC President 24 hours prior to the meeting that will be missed. If the President will not be present at a meeting, the Vice President will be assigned to receive notices of absence.
  • B: An absence will be considered unexcused if notice is not received as described above. Three unexcused absences will result in immediate removal from office. The open position will then be filled as described in Article IX of the ASRMC Constitution.
  • C: An unexcused absence can be removed from the record and be recorded as excused by providing a written petition to the ASRMC Senate within seven calendar days of the absence. During the next meeting of the Senate, the petition will be considered and submitted to a vote of the council. A majority vote of the Senate can overturn an unexcused absence and the absence will be considered excused in the permanent record.

Article X: Financial Procedures

Section I

At the beginning of each semester, the Senate shall meet for the sole purpose of planning a balanced budget for that semester. All chartered clubs will be allowed to present a prospective budget at this time. This shall be done upon receipt from the Dean of Students a summation of the total amount of activities fees collected and will be no later than the third meeting of the Senate. If the Senate has not received the summation, Senate will create a budget based on an estimation made up of the number of students from the previous semester’s population minus five percent. It will be the responsibility of the Financial Administrator to get the number of students in the previous semester.

Section II

The budget shall contain six major parts, those being: contingency, honorariums, clubs, student activities, activities director salary, and outdoor recreation. The budget shall provide a contingency fund with an amount equal to no less than 10 percent of funds collected through activities fees.

Section III

The ASRMC President shall have a discretionary budget of $500. The President must report any expenditure to the Senate at the meeting immediately following when the expense was incurred.

Section IV

The publications budget shall be approved by the Senate.

Section V

Each chartered club on campus will be allowed access to a pool of funds reserved each term to support club activities. The Senate will establish a set amount of money to be made available each term at the initial budget meeting of the Senate. Any club wishing to make use of this money must present to the Senate a formal proposal for funding. Upon receipt, the Senate will consider the request and act in one of the following manners:

  • A: Fund the proposal as presented
  • B: Fund a portion of the proposal
  • C: Request additional information and defer action
  • D: Reject the proposal

Section VI

All chartered clubs and organizations, ASRMC members, and activities are allowed to request funds. All proposals must address the ASRMC Proposal Guidelines that can be found in the ASRMC office, the Dean of Students office, or by contacting the ASRMC President. All clubs, organizations, people, and activities requesting funds, after the formal budget meeting, in excess of $1,000 will require a minimum of two sessions for deliberation before approval.

Section VII

All funds allocated by ASRMC must be spent before the end of ASRMC's fiscal year. Any funds allotted, but not spent by this deadline, are returned to the ASRMC general budget. ASRMC may vote to extend this deadline in special cases for a period not exceeding six months from the end of the fiscal year.

Section VIII

The ASRMC fiscal year shall end May 31st.

Section IX

All financial commitments drawn against the ASRMC accounts shall be signed by the RMC Dean of Students and the ASRMC President. All transactions, except the President's discretionary budget, must go through the Financial Administrator to maintain an accurate budget. When the President spends any of the President's discretionary money, the President must give the Financial Administrator a receipt within five days of the transaction.

Section X

Contracts legally binding ASRMC shall be signed by the ASRMC President and Dean of Students and must first be approved by the Senate.

Section XI

All funds allocated by the Senate shall remain in the ASRMC account until they are expended on the items for which they were allocated.

Section XII

No clubs or organizations may withdraw funds from ASRMC's account for the purpose of placing in an outside account.

Section XIII

  • A: Each member of the Senate shall receive an honorarium for serving office. Honorariums are not considered payment for services and therefore should not be related to an individual's performance in comparison with other officers. The Senate shall have the power to withhold honorariums for failure to perform the duties of the office as described in Articles II through VII of the constitution. The ASRMC President, with the approval of the Senate, shall have the powers to withhold honorariums of the publications editor. The Dean of Students, with the approval of the Senate, shall have the power to withhold the President's honorarium.
  • B: The following honorariums shall be distributed at the end of each semester as follows:
    Senators (8) (Does not include Vice President, Financial Administrator, Secretary, or three committee chairs) (150 each), 1200, 2400
  • C: The following honorariums shall be distributed at the beginning of each month as follows for the nine months school is in session:
    President, 375, 3375
  • D: The following honorariums shall be distributed at the beginning of each month for eight months (September-April):
    Vice President, 150, 1200
    Financial Administrator, 150, 1200
    Secretary, 150, 1200
    Committee Chairs (2) (100 each), 300, 2400

Section XIV

ASRMC shall annually contribute $7,000 in support of the Student Activity Director’s salary.

Section XV

Five dollars from each student's semester activity fee shall be allocated toward Outdoor Recreation to be utilized at the director's discretion.

Section XVI

Five dollars from each student's semester activity fee shall be allocated toward Student Activities to be utilized at the director’s discretion.

Article XI: Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

Section I: Funding

Under no circumstance will ASRMC funds be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

Section II: Serving of Alcohol

ASRMC funds cannot be used to contract with outside vendors for alcohol services at ASRMC sponsored events. Alcohol service may be available at those venues with an existing alcohol license; however, in accordance with Section I, under no circumstance will ASRMC funds be used to purchase alcohol. 

Section III: Security

Professional security will be hired at all ASRMC sponsored events upon recommendation of the ASRMC Senate. All ASRMC members will be held accountable for their action and actions of their guests at these sponsored events.

Article XII: Discipline of Members

Section I: Academic Eligibility

All members of the Senate and program officers must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in the academic policies of RMC. Any member not maintaining satisfactory academic progress will be informed by the Dean of Students and shall then be required to resign their office.

Section II: Ban by Vote

By three-fourths majority vote, the Senate shall have the power to ban an ASRMC member from any ASRMC sponsored function or event.