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Accounting is one of the fastest growing and most recession-proof career choices a student can make in today's economy. Of course, going to college is not just about getting a job. Going to college is about getting an education that makes you good at your job and helps you serve as a productive member of society in many other ways. I am proud of the things graduates from our accountancy program have accomplished over the years, and I look forward to witnessing the accomplishments to come. At Rocky Mountain College, you will have the unique opportunity to learn accounting as part of a bigger picture that includes a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as an equally solid foundation in business and organizations. Since our program focuses on providing you with an encompassing education, rather than training, your options for the future are truly limitless.

Anthony R. Piltz - CMA, CFM, CPA
Professor of Business Administration and Economics

Rocky Mountain College offers the following programs in Accounting:


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting Concentration
  • Minor In Accounting

3+2 Undergraduate/Graduate

  • Master of Accountancy with Bachelor of Science in Business Management


  • Master of Accountancy