ASRMC Senate 

ASRMC is the student's voice at Rocky Mountain College. It consists of senators that represent each residence hall constituency, off-campus students, international students, and the student body as a whole. Ultimately, though, every student is a member of ASRMC because they are part of the RMC community.

2018-2019 Senators


Jacob Myers
Phone: 406.651.1075
Office: Bair Family Student Center

Minority Senator

Lauren Nahale

Non-Traditional Senator

Caitlin Chandler

Off-Campus Senator

Shawntell Rodriguez

Anderson Senator

Dustin Turnbow

Widenhouse Senator

Cliff Weller

Rimview Senator

Marissa Thompson

Jorgenson Senator

Trevor Hagerty

Senators At-Large

ASRMC Senators

Committee Chairs

Lauren Nahale (Publications)
Shawntell Rodriguez (Student Relations)
Trevor Hagerty (Education)

Executive Committee

Jacob Myers (President)
Riley Bailey (Vice President)
Courtney Stai (Financial Administrator)
Terry Anthony (Secretary)

ASRMC Senate Meeting Times

Senate meetings are held in Selover every Thursday from 4:30-5:30 p.m.. All are welcome to sit in on a meeting. If you would like to be on the agenda, please email 24 hours in advance.

*Location subject to change.


Senate Meeting Minutes

 (coming soon)

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