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Graduate Students

Rocky Mountain College offers four graduate programs, each with distinctive admissions requirements.

Doctor of Medical Science

The Rocky Mountain College (RMC) Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Program promotes the Physician Assistant profession through the enhancement of knowledge in leadership, healthcare policy, quality medical delivery improvement, and research. This cutting-edge Program is facilitated by excellent faculty who are subject-matter experts. All courses are taught by PA-C, DMSc, PhD, MD’s with extensive experience in academia as well as clinical practice.

Doctor of Occupational Therapy

The Rocky Mountain College Occupational Doctorate Program is one of the first Montana-based occupational therapy doctorate programs in the state of Montana.

Master of Accountancy

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in a program other than accounting may enroll as a traditional graduate student. Current RMC undergraduate students and undergraduate transfers to RMC are subject to a two-tiered admission process. 

Master of Educational Leadership

The master of educational leadership program at Rocky Mountain College is designed to prepare educational leaders for a career as a principal or superintendent. This cohort-based program begins in the early fall and completes in late spring over a course of eleven months. The program follows the state and national standards for educational leadership and is rooting in Effective School Research. Blending theory and practice through coursework and an intensive internship, candidates will be prepared to be instructional leaders at the K-12 level. The program is 34 credits in length depending on previous coursework. This program has a minimal residency requirement.

Master of Physician Assistant Program

Rocky Mountain College seeks applicants with superlative academic backgrounds, strong interpersonal skills, and a high level of maturity for the master's of physician assistant studies (MPAS) program. The admission process is very selective due to the rigor and intensity of the program. The program's admission process will consider the strengths of each applicant and select those best qualified to meet the program's mission.