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You should apply as a transfer student or a nontraditional student if you have attended another institution after graduating from high school. You can transfer to Rocky Mountain College with a minimum grade point average of 2.00. If you have attempted fewer than 27 transferable college-level credits*, you must also submit your high school transcript and ACT/SAT test score.

Please contact Shannon Ryan, transfer coordinator, for more information.

Requirements for Admission

Students seeking admission must submit the following:

  • Rocky Mountain College application for admission;
  • Official transcripts from any college previously attended. Students who have completed fewer than 27 college credits that count toward RMC core curriculum requirements and/or an RMC established major will need to also submit high school transcripts and ACT/SAT score;
  • Obtain military transcripts; Air Force Community College transcripts can be obtained here and
  • personal essay and two letters of recommendation may be required.

 Admission Criteria

  • Students who attempt 27 or more semester credits and have successfully passed a minimum of 27 transferable credits and have a minimum of a 2.00 GPA meet the requirements for regular admission.
  • Students who attempted 27 credits or less and who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.00 may be required to submit a personal essay and two letters of recommendation.
  • Any student, regardless of number of credits transferring, who has been dismissed, placed on probation, or documented as not being in good standing with any prior institution will be reviewed by the Admission Review Committee and may be required to submit additional materials.
  • Students who have attempted less than 27 semester credits will need to submit any college transcripts, high school transcripts, and test scores to meet regular admission requirements.

Additional Information

  • No more than 94 semester hours or 135 quarter hours of credit are acceptable from four-year colleges;
  • No more than 64 semester hours of 96 quarter hours are acceptable from two-year colleges;
  • No junior- or senior-level credit will be allowed for courses from two-year colleges;
  • No "F" grades will be accepted;
  • No preparatory/developmental classes below 100-level will be accepted.

Tuition & Fees

Direct Costs Fall Spring Year
Full-Time Tuition (12-19 credits) $15,671 $15,671 $31,342
Fees $455 $455 $910
Room* $2,272 $2,272 $4,544
Board* $2,288 $2,288 $4,576
Total Direct Costs $20,686 $20,686 $41,372
Other Cost Considerations**      
Tuition over 19 credits and under 12 credits $1,306 per    
Books and Supplies $700 $700 $1,400
Personal Living Expenses $1,600 $1,600 $3,200
Total Cost of Attendance $22,345 $22,345 $44,690

*Transferable credits are classified as courses over a 100-level (no preparatory classes), in which you have earned a grade of "D-" or better from an accredited institution.

** Allowances are not directly billed to the student; however, families still need to financially plan for these expenses. The allowance amounts included in the cost of attendance budget reflect the average costs for book & supplies, personal expenses and transportation. Actual amounts will vary by student.

***Students registered between 12-19 credits are considered full-time and are charged the flat rate shown above.  Part-time tuition is charged at $1,280 per credit for enrollment less than 12 credits or over 19 credits.

Please feel free to contact Shannon Ryan at 406.657.1184 or if you have any questions.